European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ)


New publication on synagogues in Moravia, Silesia and Bohemia

On September 5th 2012a new publication with the title “The Gates of the Righteous” was presented in Prague

The authors of the book are Ludmila Hajkova (photographs) and Jaroslav Klenovsky (text and drawings), who have chosen for their book the most interesting and rich examples of 54 synagogues, especially those which are well conserved and open to the public. A Czech-English text is accompanying the high-quality photographs and drawings.
Major sponsor of the book is Zecher, the Fund for the Preservation of Jewish Monuments in the Czech Republic, established by the Federation of Jewish communities in the Czech Republic.

Hajková, Ludmila and Klenovský, Jaroslav: “Brány spravedlivých – The Gates of the Righteous. Synagogy Moravy, Slezska a Cech – Synagogues in Moravia, Silesia and Bohemia”

Publisher: Vojtech Hajek (
Zukovova 95/53
400 03 Usti nad Labem
Tel. +420 475 531 095
Fax. +420 475 221 910

Exhibition "Benjamin de Tudela" in Neuilly (Paris-France)

Publication, in French of the brochure accompanying the exhibition

Download the file (Requires Acrobat Reader): JH_92.pdf

The travels, from 1160 to 1175, of this Sephardic Jew from Tudela (Spain), have been followed and documented in our time by photographer Jesús Álava. The exhibition of these travels will be on show at the Jerôme Cahen Community Centre of Neuilly (Paris, France) from October 14th on.
You can download the PDF file of the exhibition brochure from here.

« L'avocat des Juifs : les tribulations de Yossel de Rosheim dans l'Europe de Charles Quint »

The book to the exhibition “Yossel de Rosheim. Entre l’unique et l’universel”, by Selma Stern

For those interested to learn more about this singular figure and his historical and social background, we recommend the book (in French language) on which the exhibition, opened last May 3rd, is based.
Stern, Selma : L'avocat des Juifs : les tribulations de Yossel de Rosheim dans l'Europe de Charles Quint (Nuée bleue, Strasbourg, 2008) ISBN : 978-2-7165-0739-4
There has also been an older edition in English language, though it might turn out to be a little bit more difficult to find:
Stern, Selma: Josel of Rosheim : Commander of Jewry in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (Jewish Publication Society, 1965), ASIN: B000MX0492

B'nai B'rith Magazine

...Talking about Jewish Humour, take a look to this publication on classic comics!

Download the file (Requires Acrobat Reader): JH_75.pdf


Jewish Culture magazine

From this link
you can see Raíces 89 | year XXV | winter 2011-2012

AEPJ: new Flyer

The new information flyer, in which the main projects of the AEPJ, The European Day of Jewish Culture and the European Jewish Route, are presented.

Download the file (Requires Acrobat Reader): JH_73.pdf

The 2012 calendar of the Red de Juderías

The 2012 calendar of the Red de Juderías combines with the gregorian and the Jewish ones.
The calendar, which title is, Flavors of Sefarad, offers beautiful images of the cities of the Red and of their local flavors.

Programme of Programmes EDJC 2010 now available online

Another year, the AEPJ edits a compilation of the activities organised during the European Day of Jewish Culture 2010

The PDF version of the Programme of Programmes EDJC 2010 is now ready to be downloaded from the link here. As every year, it presents an overview of the activities held in each participating country during the European Day of Jewish Culture 2010, which took place on September 5th, complemented with photographs, posters and statistics.
The edition also includes an extract from the lecture given by Horacio Kohan on Jewish Art, as well as information about the history of the event and the AEPJ.
Furthermore, a list of all national coordinators with their email addresses is included, so that all persons or associations wanting to join future editions can contact them for participating.

Programme of Programmes EDJC 2009

Another year, the AEPJ edits a compilation of the activities organised during the European Day of Jewish Culture 2009

The Programme of Programmes EDJC 2009 is offering a summary of the activities held in each participating country during the European Day of Jewish Culture 2009, with photographs, posters and statistic givens as to visitor numbers, type of activities, etc.
The edition also includes an interesting article on Jewish heritage, by Dominique Jarrassé, professor at the Université de Bordeaux 3, as well as information about the history of the event and the association which had started it: the European Association for the Protection and Promotion of Jewish Heritage, AEPJ.
Furthermore, a list of all national coordinators, with their email addresses is included, so that all persons or associations wanting to join future editions can contact them for participating.

The PDF version of the Programme of Programmes can be downloaded from here.


An overview of the events and activities held on occasion of the EUROPEAN DAY OF JEWISH CULTURE 2007

The PDF file of the Programme of Programmes 2007 can be downloaded here:


An overview of the events and activities held on occasion of the EUROPEAN DAY OF JEWISH CULTURE 2006

The PDF file of the Programme of Programmes 2006 can be downloaded here:

National Geographic Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide to Eastern Europe

Guide by Ruth Ellen Gruber

Journalist, author, and travel expert Ruth Ellen Gruber presents a new edition of her acclaimed 1992 guide to Jewish heritage sites in Eastern Europe. This expanded and updated edition includes new coverage of Austria, Ukraine, and Lithuania in addition to Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and all of the former Yugoslavia, areas that are the ancestral home to the great majority of North American Jews. Gruber provides specific historical and cultural information about these Central and Eastern European nations. Then she journeys across each country, exploring Jewish roots in major cities and small shtetls, describing the vestiges of each Jewish community and offering personal insights and reflections on the various people she meets.

More information in Amazon's website.

A Guide to Jewish Italy

By Annie Sacerdoti

The Jewish community in Italy has a long and storied history going back more than two millennia to the days of the Roman Empire. This remarkable guidebook-the only one of its kind-is a city by city survey of every location in Italy that contains art, artifacts, or architecture tied to the Jewish heritage of Italy. Included are scores of synagogues as well as scrolls, texts, artifacts, and Jewish cemeteries. Of particular interest are sidebars explaining fascinating peculiarities of various Italian Jewish communities. For instance, Tuscan Jews in the medieval period spoke a distinctive version of Italian dialect peppered with phrases from Hebrew and other languages, a sort of Italian Yiddish. Sure to fascinate devotees of Jewish culture and lovers of Italy, The Guide to Jewish Italy is perfect for armchair travelers and inveterate tourists alike.

Text: English (translation)
Original Language: Italian
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications (October 1, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0847826538
ISBN-13: 978-0847826537
# Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.3 x 0.8 inches

Israel. Places and History

By Annie Sacerdoti and Luca Fiorentino

Hardcover, 135 pages
244 Colour Photographs, 36 Prints, 1 Map

Fully photo illustrated and oversized guide to the places and sights of historic Israel. 10" x 12" with 135 indexed pages. Four-page color pullout of the cityline of Jerusalem.

Part of a series celebrating the world's most beautiful cities and its most fascinating and exotic regions, their historic and cultural importance, and their natural beauty, with the history of each location shown in original prints and paintings.

Italy: Jewish Travel Guide

By Annie Sacerdoti and Luca Fiorentino

ISBN: 9781878741424
Publisher: Israelowitz Publishing
Publication Date: 1999

Wonders of Italy

By Annie Sacerdoti

ISBN: 9781586637590
Publisher: Metro Books
Publication Date: 2002
Binding: Hardcover

From the natural splendors of the Bel Paese--beautiful country--to the manmade treasures of art and architecture, this oversize, exquisitely illustrated volume captures the irresistible magic of Italia. Generously-sized photographs showcase the incredible variety of Italy's landscapes: the fertile fields of Tuscany and the Po Valley; the wild beauty of the south with its volcanoes; the majesty and might of some of the highest mountains in Europe; the vitality of the islands and coastlines. Visit the coastal villages of Liguria, the hilltop hamlets of Umbria, the fashion and culture capitals of Milan and Rome, and the ancient routes trodden by the Romans, barbarians, medieval pilgrims, and Renaissance armies. Whether displaying the fishing town and seaside resort of Terracina, nestled at the feet of the Ausoni Mountains and at the edge of deep blue waters, or the remarkable towers of San Gimignano, every gorgeous page is alluring.

The Synagogues of Turkey

The Synagogues of Istanbul, Thrace and Anatolia

A review about the different synagogues existing in Turkey.

Synagogue Architecture in Skovakia

A Memorial Landscape of a Lost Community, by Maros Borský

Synagogue Architecture in Slovakia: A Memorial Landscape of a Lost Community is the first monographic treatment of synagogue architecture in this Central European country. The publication provides a comprehensive introduction to the history o f the Slovak Jewish community, a context for synagogue architecture as an expression of the Jewish communal presence. It further examines the broader Central European context of synagogue architecture and various legal, religious and other determinants that influenced the appearance of synagogues. It introduces the cases of Kosice, Presov and Bardejov, three Eastern Slovak towns that abound with preserved evidence of their formerly great Jewish communities. Finally, the book includes an exhaustive listing of extant and demolished synagogues in Slovakia.

This volume, featuring rich illustrations, maps, plans and historical images, most published for the first time, is based on the results of the Synagoga Slovaca project, an arduous six-year undertaking that painstakingly located, recorded and catalogued visual evidence of synagogue architecture in Slovakia.

Programme of programmes 2008

European Day of Jewish Culture
Sunday, September 7th 2008

Download the file (Requires Acrobat Reader): JH_16.pdf

The main purpose of the EDJC, whose subject matter this year has been Music, is to offer the public, whichever its nationality, religion or political affiliation, the chance to discover the Jewish heritage (synagogues, cemeteries, ritual baths, etc.) and the traditions of Judaism. Programmes included, as every year, a wide range of activities organized specially for the event, such as open doors, guided tours, exhibitions, conferences and concerts.
Another important goal of the EDJC, besides approaching Jewish culture to the general public,is the conservation of the Jewish heritage as a comprehensive part of European cultural heritage. Due to the continuous work in this field we hope to be able to create, together with different organisations and associations, a European Network, which will establish the guidelines of joint action in order to develop the European Itinerary in the near future.
In short, we hope to set up a network which promotes the spirit of tolerance, moderation and comprehension, so that humanity shall never again experience hate, violence and xenophobia.

Rutas por las Juderías de España

A new guidebook to tour Spain on a Jewish heritage route.
239 pages. Published by El País-Aguilar (Santillana Ediciones Generales S.L.) in collaboration with Red de Juderías de España. Madrid 2008

The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarter encloses a unique historic and cultural tourist itinerary. United by the acknowledgement of a past in which the Jewish population played an important role, the 21 cities forming the Network are spread all over the Spanish peninsula, offering a global overview of a territory where once three major cultures, -the Jewish, the Christian and the Muslim, lived together.
This easy-to-consult-sized guidebook covers all these cities in the same volume, supplying the traveller with practical information about history and culture, tours and routes, accommodation, gastronomy, local celebrations, activities and events, as well as a selection of detailed maps of the sites, all of this complemented by full colour photographs.

You can buy this book at:

Conference on 'The Launching of the European Route of Jewish Heritage'

Reports and Conclusions of the Conference held on June 18th to 20tyh 2004, at the Centre Culturel de Rencontre, Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg-City.

Download the file (Requires Acrobat Reader): JH_4.pdf

The AEPJ is working towards the preservation, appreciation and promotion of Jewish culture and Jewish Heritage in Europe. The association also strives to encourage Jewish sites, including synagogues, cemeteries, ritual baths, museums, Jewish quarters, etc., to be opened to the general public. These goals are notably achieved through the annual organization of the EUROPEAN DAY OF JEWISH CULTURE.

Furthermore, the AEPJ also develops and promotes the EUROPEAN ROUTE OF JEWISH HERITAGE.

The Great Book of Sepharad - Spanish Jewish Network

This is the first great book about the Spanish Jewries and their inhabitants which is published in Spain. With more than 500 photographs, most of which have not been published before, the book is the result of two years of intense research.
365 pages, 30 x 25 cm, full colour,
Published by: Red de Juderías de España. Edited by: Ediciones Alymar S.L.. 2005.

This book wishes to offer its readers a journey through the 21 cities of the Network of Jewish Spanish Quarters – Routes of Sefarad. Both the text, written by Pancracio Celdrán, and the magnificent photographs by Agustín Martínez
attempt to accompany you through the Jewish quarters of Spain based on an urban, architectural and artistic itinerary.

A journey in memory of the route built by a culture which complemented the mosaic of traditions, beliefs and cultures of the kingdoms of medieval Spain and contributed towards a legacy that is being recovered. This is evidence of the effort undergone by the cities along the network for the restoration of Jewish heritage and, as might be expected, towards the development of policies for renovation as well as cultural and social development around this cultural heritage.

The recent restoration of singular buildings, discovery of ancient synagogues, recovery of urban layouts that were long forgotten and abandoned, new sign-posting in Jewish quarters, recovery of the works of distinguished poets, philosophers and men of science, the opening of charming hotels in Jewish quarters, as well as the organization of temporary exhibits that tour around Spain are some of the initiatives taken by the cities along the Network.

We hope that by reading the Network of Jewish Spanish Quarters you are invited to visit the Routes of Sefarad.

Anna Pagans Gruartmoner
Red de Juderías de España