European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ)

The AEPJ extends an invitation to join the growing family of Jewish heritage routes in form of a guide-brochure which will be available following this link.


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The AEPJ and ITERVITIS join forces to develop new projects
For the first time, two European Cultural Routes – the European Route of Jewish Heritage-Vineyards of Sefarad and Itervitis- have held a joint meeting in Girona (Spain), in order to strengthen ties and create new projects in the field of cultural heritage.
Besides representatives from the AEPJ and the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, the meeting was also attended by representatives of the Portuguese and Italian associations of wine cities, the General Secretary of Itervitis, and representatives of Aeonotour, and of the Gallician towns of Cambados [...]


The complete report of all participating countries of the European Day of Jewish Culture 2011

2014 European Day of Jewish Culture

With still a few countries’ data missing, as well as a few other countries’ data being provisional, we can already present a provisional overview:

Up till now we have been able to register:

  • 31 countries
  • 357 cities
  • 1188 activities
  • 115,883 visitors

Roll over the charts to get the data segmented per country, cities, number of activities and number of participants.