The Lithuanian Jewish Community and the Israeli House of Tibilisi new members of the AEPJ

The last general assembly of the AEPJ approved the incorporation of the Lithuanian Jewish Community and the Israeli House of Tbilisi as members. This is an extension of partners committed to work in the two programs of the association; The European Day of Jewish Culture and the European Routes. Both partners want to develop proposals and cultural activities on the Jewish heritage.

In the case of Lithuania, there is a clear desire to recover the wooden synagogues that are spread all over the country. In some cases they are already in process of patrimonial recovery through their municipalities and in others it is wanted to facilitate their protection until the possible restoration.
For its part, Georgia, through various organizations, wants to publicize the country's Jewish cultural heritage.

Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community is an association of seven regional/local communities and twenty other Jewish organizations active in Lithuania. Its aim are to bring together all the Lithuanian Jews, to defend and look out for their interests in Lithuania and abroad, to preserve and celebrate Jewish traditions, cultural and historical heritage, to keep the memory of the Holocaust victims alive, to promote tolerance and fight anti-Semitism and to build and nurture various relations and connections with Jewish and Litvak organizations and individuals all over the world.

Israeli House was opened in Tbilisi on November 2, 2013, and its goal is to achieve solidarity by public diplomacy (Hasbara) and enhance the cooperation between Israel and friendly states (among them Georgia). At the Israeli House, lectures on topics related to Jewish Culture and Heritage are conducted regularly.

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