Jewish Women in Judaism

The theme of the 2014 cultural heritage day is Women in Judaism. This itinerary is designed to celebrate the contribution of women to Jewish cultural heritage across the member countries of the AEPJ By focusing on notable female figures from a wide variety of disciplines, the itinerary seeks to draw attention to the significance of the input of Jewish women, not just to their own cultural heritage, but also to the wider cultures of the countries they were active in and indeed, Europe generally. As with notable Jews from all fields of endeavour, the migratory nature of individuals and, indeed, communities is a significant factor. The itinerary seeks therefore not only to highlight the importance of notable Jewish women in their birth countries, but also recognise individuals who were active in other countries and we have noted where this is the case. Where possible or relevant, we have begun each itinerary with a notable quotation from the woman in question.

The countries that the itinerary will focus on are below.

Map of Europe

AEPJ member countries are in grey

The itinerary will take each of these countries in turn and highlight the work of at least one woman, from each of them, who has had a major impact. It is of course subjective and the contribution from a wide variety of female Jews, working in a diverse range of fields is virtually incalculable and certainly, it is not possible to capture it in one itinerary. This is therefore a broad sweep, an attempt to provide a starting point for further investigation and understanding of a subject that has not, unfortunately, received the academic or popular attention it deserves. As ever with AEPJ itineraries, please feel free to correspond and suggest updates, alternatives and additions – we would love to hear from you.

For a fully comprehensive global archive of important Jewish women, the Jewish Women’s Archive is unbeatable and can be found here.

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