We welcome eight new institutions in the AEPJ!

Last February, the General Assembly of the AEPJ was held in Tbilisi, Georgia. In the course of the Assembly, the members of the AEPJ voted unanimously for the approval of eight candidatures submitted by different institutions to become partners of the consortium throughout the year.

The AEPJ lives moments of growth in all senses. Not only for being a network of 9 institutions in 2017, to probably 22 in 2019, representing 17 countries. The number of projects has also grown and the European Route of Jewish Heritage of the Council of Europe has been relaunched, and managed to renew its certification by three more years.

From the AEPJ we welcome the new members with whom we have already started working hand by hand:

The Together Plan

The Together Plan is a UK charity dedicated to the rehabilitation, repair and revival of Jewish communities coming out of collective trauma in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, enabling, rather than providing, through a self-help approach.

In spite of the traumatic past, there are many who yearn to reconnect with their lost identity. It is the mission of The Together Plan charity, to help those Jews still living in the region learn how to rebuild their communities, and also to reconnect those in the diaspora to their ancestry and the homes they left behind. The Together Plan is playing a vital and much needed role in the repair and renewal process for a better connected and meaningful Jewish future for Jews everywhere.

The Shtetl Routes

The idea of the Shtetl Routes arose from the documentary, artistic and educational work connected to the Jewish heritage of Lublin as part of the work of ?Grodzka Gate ? NN Theatre? Centre (O?rodek ?Brama Grodzka ? Teatr NN?), Lublin-based municipal cultural institution dealing with education and cultural heritage since 1992. The Centre?s work draws on the symbolic and historical significance of the building where it is located ? the Grodzka Gate, which was once a passage way between the Christian and Jewish quarters, as well on Lublin?s position as the meeting point of various cultures, traditions, and religions.

The Izmir Project

Izmir in turkey is the only city in which an unusual cluster of Synagogues bearing a typical architectural style dating from the 16th century are preserved. These Synagogues built by decedents of Jews who were deported from Spain & Portugal are an historical architectural complex which is unique in the world.

The aim of the Izmir Project is to turn the compound of these ancient Synagogues into a Jewish Heritage Museum, which will tell the story of Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain and arrived in the Ottoman Empire. This future museum will expose the mutual influence of Jewish and Muslim cultures and the inter cultural dialogue between them.

This hopefully restored complex of Synagogues was confirmed in Izmir city-plan, as the future Jewish Museum of Izmir, and we at the Kiriaty foundation are working closely with Izmir Municipality and the local Jewish community to realize, and promote it.

The Haggadah Association

HAGGADAH Association is a non-profit organization for preserving and promoting jewish culture and tradition in Balkan and Bosnia and Herzegovina was established to preserve and promote Jewish culture and tradition. Haggadah is dedicated to promote and preserve this heritage and to disseminate information about Balkan-Bosnian Jewish culture and heritage.

Our duty is to educate tourist guides to be able to lead the Tour «Jewish Sarajevo», Jewish Mostar and Jewish Balkan tour.

Haggadah offer new destination to preserve good memories on Bosnian's Jews:

Visit original manuscript Sarajevo's Haggadah, Pilgrimage to Stolac on the TZADIK grave Rabbi Moshe Danon, Old Jewish cemetery ?with specific tombstones, Bosnian Sephardic cuisine.

HAGGADAH tries to preserve Sarajevo?s reputation as The European Jerusalem .

The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic (FJC)

The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic (FJC) is an umbrella organization representing 10 Czech Jewish Communities and other independent Jewish institutions across the Czech Republic.

FJC coordinates the activities of the Jewish communities? especially in religious, social, educational and cultural aspects. FJC works with Czech government institutions, state administration, local authorities, or other Czech institutions. FJC also functions and cooperates with foreign institutions and organizations.

FJC actively monitors the environment against all manifestations of anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, fascism or any other discrimination. Federation protects the memory of Shoah victims. FJC preserves and maintains the Jewish monuments in the Czech Republic, promotes the Jewish culture and heritage, educates the young people and provides care for the elderly, funds Jewish needs and supports Israel.


Tikun is a volunteer, independent, non-governmental, and non-profit association of citizens, established in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 2018.

Members of Tikun share the goal of promoting the multicultural and multi-ethnic heritage of Vojvodina ? a province in the northern part of Serbia, with emphasis on the local Jewish material heritage, history, and culture. Some of the association's fields of activity include research and documentation of the Jewish legacy in Vojvodina, protection and preservation of Jewish heritage sites and promotion of the Hebrew language and local Jewish culture and tradition.

Tikun also works on the promotion and nurturing of cultural values and diversity by organizing various programmes and events. Its activities rely on donations and contributions from individuals, organizations, and foundations.

Waddeston Manor

Waddesdon Manor was built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild between 1874 and 1885 to display his collection of arts and to entertain the fashionable world. Opened to the public in 1959, Waddesdon Manor is managed by the Rothschild Foundation, a family charitable trust, on behalf of the National Trust, who took over ownership in 1957. It?s home to the Rothschild Collections of paintings, sculpture and decorative arts.

Jewish Commuity of Zagreb

Today, there are approximately 1 300 members in the Jewish Community of Zagreb, who enjoy their full and equal rights along with support of the government. Although a small community, it remains very active. The Community has many things to offer, amongst which are: The "Mirjam Weiller" kindergarten, The "Lavoslav Schwarz" Foundation Retirement Home, a holiday resort on the Adriatic coast, The "Milan and Ivo Steiner Gallery", a library and archives, a Judaic collection (textile and metals), a Sunday school, a youth club, The "Maccabee" Sports Club, a women's club, a seniors' club, The "Or Hashemesh" Dance Group, Hebrew language courses, "Jewsers" Klezmer Ensemble, The "Miroslav Shalom Freiberger" Cultural Society, a Research and Documentary Centre, and various creative workshops.

On our website you can find information about the institutions that form the AEPJ.

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