VIII Training academy 2019- Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe (Second Day)

Second day of work in the eighth edition of the training academy of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, which is being held in Visby, Sweden.

This morning it was dedicated to the strategic work among the representatives of the different certified routes and the European Institute of Cultural Routes. The meeting, moderated by Christian Biever, President of the European Institute of Cultural Routes and Stefano Dominioni, Executive Secretary of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes and Director of the Institute of Cultural Routes, dealt with different topics related to the collaboration between the Cultural Routes and different proposals for joint work for the future.

In the afternoon, different keynote speeches have been developed focusing on a topic that concerns all the representatives of the Cultural Routes, the possibility of establishing a sustainable work in relation to the fundraising of the projects. The speakers have offered very useful and very relevant information for the projects. Among them, we highlight the participation of Eric Phiippart of the European Commission, Constanze Metzeger of the Routes4U Joint Program of the Council of Europe and Sabine Detzel of UNESCO.

Tomorrow, the day will be devoted to sharing experiences of work in the field of fundraising and youth involvement between the Cultural Routes.

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