Désirée Mayer was honored by the town of Metz with the medal of the town.

On 10 September 2019, Désirée Mayer was honored by the town of Metz , in eastern France, with the medal of the town. Désirée is the President of the structure organizing the European Days of Jewish Culture and has been president of the national French organization as well. The date is important: it corresponds to the twenty years of the European Days of Jewish. She fully deserves this medal, being one of the most active persons in this field in Europe. AEPJ congratulates her on this occasion.

Picture : Desiree Mayer together with the Mayor of Metz, Mr. Dominique Gros and François Moyse, AEPJ President

Désirée Mayer, born in Romania and grew up in Israel and Germany, arrived in Metz thanks to her husband, Michel. She has been a trader and professor, but marks the life of Metz for years by its many commitments. Dominique Gros, major of Metz, salutes her "tenacity", her "stubbornness that makes the community shine throughout the world", her "ability to gather".

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