We stand with Halle

We are still speechless and deeply shocked by yesterday's attacks in Halle on this holiest of days, Yom Kippur. Our thoughts are with the families of the two victims of this senseless and cruel manifestation of antisemitism. This was an attack on our values. On our core beliefs. Therefore, now more than ever we stand with Halle, against the ideology which motivated the terrorist attack and against the anti-democratic forces gaining traction all over the world. Europe is diversity, otherwise it will not be. We will not allow hate to prevail. Mr. Frans Timmermans (First Vice President of the European Commission), in his greetings to the Jewish communities for Rosh Hashanah a week ago, wrote: " We have to cherish, nourish and defend our democracies. We know that where extremism flourishes, the poison of antisemitism in not far away. Based on our terrible history of the Shoa we have a special responsibility to tackle it wherever it rears its head. During Rosh Hashana, Jewish Europeans rightfully take pride in their Jewish identity. It is essential for an open and tolerant Europe that Jewish voices are heard and Jewish life can flourish". Is our duty as Europeans to fight against anti-Semitism and any other manifestation of hate.

Mr. François Moyse, AEPJ President, on behalf the whole Association.



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