Parallel Traces: A new lens on Jewish Heritage- Wroclaw opening

We are in Wroclaw, Poland, about to inaugurate the second exhibition of the Parallel Traces project in the historic White Stork Synagogue, converted into a multifunctional space, where culture, education, heritage and Judaism vibrate intensely. From the AEPJ, coordinating institution of the project with Cumediae, it is a great joy to be here with the entire team of the Bente Kahan Foundation, prepared to live an exciting night with the artists participating in the project to dialogue and share visions about Jewish heritage and audiovisual art.

Sharing very special moments with very special friends at the inauguration of Parallel Traces in Wroclaw, together with Ruth Gruber (Jewish Heritage Europe), Bente Kahan (FBK) and Peninah Zilberman (Tarbut Foundation). We are very proud to lead this project that has taken us on a journey of interpretation of Jewish heritage through audiovisual art in Girona, Wroclaw. Next stops, Belgrade, Sighet and Tbilisi!

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