François Moyse, AEPJ President, participated at the Working Group on Antisemitism of the European Commission

European Commission's antisemitism working group holds second meeting in Brussels on December 10. During the meeting, Member States exchanged best practices and shared experiences of their efforts to prevent, address and respond to antisemitism through education. It brought together representatives of national ministries of education and national special envoys on antisemitism, representatives of national Jewish communities and Jewish umbrella organisations, as well as relevant international organisations.

Within this framework, François Moyse presented the AEPJ and the work we developed with our netwrok of institutions in the field of Jewish heritage and culture in Europe. The assessment of the meeting is very positive. The aim is to support Member States in the adoption of a holistic strategy to prevent and fight all forms of antisemitism as part of their strategies on preventing racism, xenophobia, radicalisation and violent extremism', by the end of 2020 in line with the Council declaration.

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