Congratulations to The Tarbut Foundation on the Launching of its New Website!

Tarbut Sighet Foundation, one of our members, celebrated its 5th Birthday, and to celebrate this are launching a new website!

Education, Memory and Jewish History in Sighet Maramures.


Educators are innovators.

Tarbut Foundation Sighet (FTS) was established in 2014 following the 70th commemoration to the Jewish deportations from Maramures.

Their original intention was to organise a large gathering for the event, bringing together as many Maramures region Jewish descendants as possible.

Educating students about the Jewish community of pre-WWII Sighet, the Holocaust and Human Rights

Organizing conferences, art workshops, contests and other events regarding Jewish history and culture

Providing genealogical services

Publishing memoirs and novels, and translating from Hebrew and English to Romanian

Restoring and preserving pre-Holocaust Jewish sites in the city and its vicinity

Observing the International Holocaust Day, Yom HaShoah, Romanian Holocaust Remembrance Day and other European Jewish Days

Kahana court at 67 Gheorghe Doja Street serves as the foundation's headquarters, following a restoration project of the rooms in the ground floor that the foundation now uses. Kahana Court was a central site for the pre-holocaust Jewish Community of Sighet. Tarbut is a member of AEJP, Romania Forum of the Bar Ilan University, Institutu Cultural Romanesc, and various Jewish second-generation groups. Their Facebook group Sighet Generations provides genealogical services for Sighet descendents.

Visit them!

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