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In this new year 2021, we are once again getting down to work to organise what we believe will be one of the most ambitious editions of the European Days of Jewish Culture. This year, our festival is framed within the context of the European project NOA (Networks Overcoming Antisemitism). It is under this umbrella, and with the intention of disseminating and promoting positive narratives that highlight the contribution of European Jewry to a more pluralistic and inclusive Europe, that the theme for this year's edition will be:


On the EDJC website you can already start to see some provisional information that we have posted and we will soon be adding more.

In this special edition we want to go one step further in our festival and offer you to participate in a conference among all the European coordinators of EDJC activities, with the aim to strengthen our relationship, to train us in dialogue and to achieve a more homogeneous festival. Please read on to find all the information about this meeting.


We want to offer anyone who has previously participated in organising an EDJC activity or who intends to organise one in the framework of this next edition, a space for two intensive afternoons of training and dialogue online.

For this purpose, in addition to the usual team of the AEPJ and the National Library of Israel, we have several speakers with great expertise in dialogue and Jewish culture who will help us to train in the ambitious task of generating an open, plural and inclusive dialogue in all our activities.

We invite you to check the programme and register for the meeting at this link:

Who can participate?

Any individual, institution, community, synagogue, federation... that has previously participated in organising a European Days of Jewish Culture activity or intends to do so in the next edition.

Have you been or would you like to be a coordinator of the European days of Jewish Culture? Receive all the news by subscribing to this link:

How much does it cost?

Participating in the EDJC Coordinators' Meeting is completely free of charge. All we ask for is your involvement and enthusiasm.

What's in it for me?

In addition to dialogue training, a meeting point with more than 300 European Jewish institutions, a dossier full of innovative and surprising activity proposals, by attending the EDJC Coordinators' Meeting 2021 you will be eligible for a help to implement the materials produced by the National Library of Israel. More information will be provided at the relevant meeting.

Where Will It Be?

Although it was of course our intention to hold this conference in person, the current health crisis forces us, once again, to hold this meeting virtually. It is our intention to arrange the organisation to be as convenient and free of videocall fatigue as possible.

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