EDJC at the Jewish Museum of Westfalia

EDJC at the Jewish Museum of Westfalia

Date/Time: Sunday 4 September 2016, start at 15h

Address: Jewish Museum of Westfalia, Julius-Ambrunn-Strasse 1

-15h: A Bible for Unknowledgeable Women and Men: Zenerne
Talk by Walter Schiffer M.A. (Borken)

After a short introduction to the history of Yiddish, a work is being presented which, with over 200(!) editions, is the most popular in the world: Ze’enah uR’enah or in short: Zenerene – “Go forth and see, O ye daughters of Zion". The name derives from a verse of the Song of Songs 3,11. The book was written around 1600 and mixes passages from the Five Books of Moses with texts from the Talmud and the Midrash (interpretations of Biblical passages). For a long time it was believed that the Yiddish language book was intended only for women who would have been less versed than men in Hebrew, the Jewish liturgical language. But nowadays research has shown that men also studied this “women’s Bible.”

-17h: Opening of exhibition “Jewish Portraits” – photographs by Herlinde Koelbl

In her large photo project combining text and images, Herlinde Koelbl portrayed German-speaking Jews who survived the Shoah. Although some of these survivors returned to Germany (East or West) or Austria after 1945, most stayed in the countries in which they had found refuge. From this project emerged a collective monument to the last generation to be born into the intellectual and cultural climate of a German-Jewish symbiosis – a generation that had to experience the destruction of this culture and that survived the Holocaust of more than six million Jews.
Herlinde Koelbl honours this legacy in a photographic portrait gallery that, however, was not restricted to seeking out and portraying Jewish personalities of intellectual and cultural significance from all over the world. Rather, Koelbl also engaged the portrayed in poignant and extensive dialogues on their views towards Jewish tradition, religion and concept of home.

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