Guided tour: Synagogue   Mikveh
Besalú, Guided tour ~ From 09/01/2018 to 09/02/2018

Guided tour: Synagogue Mikveh

Date: From 09/01/2018 to 09/02/2018

Time: Saturday, 1th September 13:00 p.m / 18:00 p.m; Sunday 2th September 13:00 p.m / 18:00 p.m. Is advisa

Address: Placeta de la Sinagoga

Guided tour: Synagogue Mikveh

The part of the town nearest to the bridge there are many narrow streets that belong to the ancient Jewish quarter. It is in this area where you will find the Miqvé, the purification baths, which date from c. XII, and demonstrate the presence of an important Jewish community. The street from the medieval bridge leads to the Town Square “Plaça Major”, a square whose arcades date from c. XVI, and used to be the centre of the medieval town. Important buildings are the Local Government “Ajuntament” dating from c. XVII, the Royal Curia “Cúria Reial”, dating from c. XIV, and the "Casa Tallaferro". The street “Tallaferro” leads to the entrance to the Castle precinct. Inside the precinct there remains one of the towers from the ancient County Castle, and the apse of Saint Mary “Santa Maria” that dates from c. XI. Along with the street “Portalet” these are the remains which best retain the medieval appearance, along with panoramic views of the Romanic Bridge. Leading up from the Main Street “Carrer Major”, there are the “Casa Romà” (c. XIV) and the parish church of Saint Vincent “Sant Vicenç” dating from c. XI-XII which has very sculpturesque doors and windows. Near to the Main Town Square, there is the “Prat de Sant Pere”, wide and spacious which used to be the Cemetery of the Benedictine monastery of Saint Peter “Sant Pere”. Today there only remains the three-nave church and one apse, dating from the c. XI. Also there is the small chapel of Saint James “Sant Jaume” (c. XII) and the “Casa Cornellà” (Llaudes) dating from the c. XII and which has a patio with three galleries. Behind the monastery there is the church of the hospital of Saint Julia “Sant Julià”, with one nave and no apse, dating from c. XII, and an outstanding entrance portal.

Date/s of event/s: 1th and 2th September

Time/s: Saturday,1th September 13:00 p.m / 18:00 p.m; Sunday2th September 13:00 p.m / 18:00 p.m.Is advisable to arrive 5 minutes before the appointed time.

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Cost/s if any: Free.

Other booking information: Booking is required at the Tourist Office (C/Pont,1 – 17850 Besalú)

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