Storytelling at the Jewish Museum of Bologna
Bologna, Performance ~ Sunday, October 14th, 2018

Storytelling at the Jewish Museum of Bologna

Date: Sunday, October 14th, 2018

Time: From 10:30 to 19:30

Address: Via Valdonica, 1/5

Full Activities

10.30 apertura della Giornata e saluti alla cittadinanza

11.30 inaugurazione mostra Grand Tour di Italia e visita guidata

12.00 visita guidata al Museo

15.00 Storytelling: alla scoperta della Bologna ebraica. Cimitero, Memoriale, Antico ghetto, MEB
lezione itinerante di RAV ALBERTO SERMONETA
Servizio navetta

16.00 Storytelling: riflessione sull’incontro tra jazz e musica della tradizione ebraica
Tavola rotonda e lezione concerto con

18.00 Storytelling: arte e tradizione ebraica
Installazione dell’artista GRELO Sul tema dell’acqua
con presentazione di RAIMONDA BONGIOVANNI e
performance dell’attore MICHELE TOMASETTI


The Jewish Museum of Bologna (MEB,Museo Ebraico di Bologna) is located in via Valdonica1/ 5, in the former Jewish ghetto, in the 16th century Palazzo Pannolini, belonging to the Municipality of Bologna.

The Museum covers a surface of 500 m2, divided into three separate areas for a permanent section and an area for temporary activities on the ground floor and a documentation center on the first floor.

The permanent section is focused on the issue of Jewish identity and describes the highlights of Jewish history over nearly 4000 years, during which each generation has maintained strong ties with the previous one, thereby ensuring continuity between ancient, medieval, modern  history and contemporary Judaism.

Two rooms are dedicated to the long stay of Jewish people in Bologna and in Emilia Romagna, from the medieval to the contemporary age.

The second section includes spaces dedicated to exhibitions, meetings, debates and educational activities for children. Here conferences, courses, workshops and presentations of books organized by MEB take place. There is also a well-stocked bookshop, where you can buy books and souvenir items.

The third section is the MEB Documentation Centre, comprising a specialized library and a cultural and promotion center, which is linked to the main museums, universities, libraries and research centers not only in Italy, but also in Europe, in Israel and in the USA.

How to get there

Information about how to get to the the Jewish Museum of Bologna

Via Valdonica 1/5 - 40126 Bologna

tel. 39 051 29 11 280

fax 39 051 23 54 30


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