Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

European Days of Jewish Culture


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Save the date: European Days of Jewish Culture 2018

Date: Sunday September 2rd, 2018. However, in several countries events and activities are being planned before and after this date.


The theme chosen for this year's edition is Storytelling. This topic was chosen by the majority of coordinators at the last meeting held in Luxembourg in March 2017. Nowadays, Storytelling is a cutting-edge tool in the dissemination strategies of historical heritage, turning this initiative into a great opportunity to explore different areas of the tangible and intangible Jewish European heritage.

The oral tradition is undoubtedly a constant in the history and collective imagination of the Jewish people. From the biblical approach, through the rich local community folk stories, to the histories of contemporary migrations, stories form a world that asks, and deserves, to be explored and discovered.

Storytelling it is a broad topic that opens many possibilities. All coordinators have complete freedom to choose and propose their own activities. However, we believe that this year's theme, added to the opportunities offered by our partnership with the National Library of Israel, allows us to be more ambitious. This year we are going to think big. For EDJC 2018 we invite all of you who wanted to join one particular activity, an event that will happen simultaneously throughout Europe. Of course, the EDJC invites you to add as many activities as you want to this initiative.

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