Jewish Czech Republic

Ten towns, ten synagogues, ten stars on a map of the Czech Republic, from Krnov in northeast Moravia to Plzen in West Bohemia. The "10 Stars" Jewish museum is ten museums in one; visitors are issued with a little passport and encouraged to obtain stamps in each one. In total 15 buildings – 10 synagogues and a handful of former rabbi’s houses and Jewish schools – have been renovated.

The 10 Stars museum is located in both well-known Jewish destinations – such as the synagogue in Mikulov, South Moravia, and lesser known venues; few, for example, will have heard of the town of Ústek, or visited its medieval rabbi’s house. The Plzen museum is located not in the city’s magnificent Great Synagogue – the second largest in Europe - but in the much less well known Old Synagogue nearby.

As well as saving these monuments from the elements and building a home for a new museum, the project will also create new venues for educational and cultural events in towns where Jews were once very much part of local life. Jan Kindermann says there’s still a great deal of amongst Czechs in the country’s Jewish past.

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