Jewish Lithuania

We invite you to travel around Lithuania and explore the 500-year-long history of the Lithuanian Jews (Litvaks). Thus you will understand the incredible intertwined historical relations connecting Lithuania and the world: America, Israel, the Republic of South Africa, France, Russia, Germany, Poland and other countries. The country of Lithuania has given us so many outstanding Jewish leaders! Lithuania is not only renowned for many world-famous Jews, it has also been a source of inspiration, especially through its yeshivas, the city of Vilnius and its unique shtetls.

We’d like to recommend that you add 10 sites to your itinerary that illustrate Jewish history and cultural heritage. They have been specially adapted for visiting tourists and are located in fascinating places in Vilnius, Kaunas, Kédainiai, Siauliai and Joniskis. At these main sites, (museums, synagogues and memorials), you’ll find more information about local Jewish communities, tourist information services and other interesting places to visit.

If your itinerary starts in Vilnius or Vilnius is included in it, you should take time to visit the Lithuanian Jewish (Litvaks) Community. Its mission is to unite the Lithuanian Jewish community throughout Lithuania and the entire world, to cherish Jewish culture, and to protect the true traditions of the Lithuanian Jews. It encourages Jews of all ages to speak Yiddish, celebrate Jewish celebrations, to foster the nation’s identity, and to keep the historical memory of the Holocaust alive.

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