Baden Synagogue
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Baden Synagogue

This understated, but elegantly proportioned synagogue is the work of local Baden architects Otto Dorians and his partner Adolf Fuchslin. The Jewish community in Baden had been discussing the buildings of a synagogue since 1872. The celebrated Swiss architect, Robert Moser was chosen but the cost (48,000) francs to build his design was too high. The key features of the building are the large Diocletian windows on three of the facades, which flood the worship area with light. Dorians and Fuchslin used the windows not just to bring light directly into the worship space, but also to reflect the city’s heritage as a spa town as many of the buildings in Baden that house the thermal springs have such windows.

The interior echoes the exterior in its judicious use of ornament but the overall effect is one of refined elegance and the brown, beige and gold applied artwork which adorns the ceilings and walls fuses with the plan form to create a light and subtle Art Nouveau interior.

The synagogue celebrated 100 years of existence on the 25 th August 2013.

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