Ostend Synagogue
Modernism ~ Art Nouveau - Synagogue

Ostend Synagogue

Ostend Synagogue was designed by Jewish Architect Joseph DeLange and was opened in 1911. It is a modest, but highly detailed art nouveau building with lofty arches and an ornate interior, modelled on Antwerp Synagogue. Plaques on the wall record the names of many English people who gave money to the renovation of the synagogue after World War I. DeLange was heavily influenced in the facade by the Frankfurt Synagogue and in many ways, Ostend’s facade is a reduced copy of the German building, particularly in the way in which the elegant stone uprights overlay the oriel fire glass window, with its Seal of Solomon design. The interior takes its inspiration from the Portuguese Synagogue in Antwerp. There are classical flourishes, like the columns of the porch, which represent the Commandments but this is a modern building in spirit and in ornamentation. Boarded up and looted during WWII it is a remarkable survivor and was restored in 2009 with money from Ostend City and Heritage. I is now in use for the small Jewish Community of this beautiful seaside town.

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