Former Leeds New Synagogue (Chapeltown Road New Synagogue)
Modernism ~ Art Deco - Synagogue

Former Leeds New Synagogue (Chapeltown Road New Synagogue)

Now the premises of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance this impressive Art Deco synagogue in Leeds was designed by a local architect J Stanley Wright of Albion Street and was opened in 1932. The impressive Portland stone entrance façade shows clear Byzantine influences and has concrete block foundation courses and side door surrounds and wrought-iron grilles. The building is ostensibly a large, domed structure with lower dome and chimney at east end and small domes above the west entrance, tall triple round-arched windows in massive buttresses rise above the eaves of the central dome.

Inside, the entrance area has black and white stone floor and stairs rising through a double-arched stone screen on left and right; the main auditorium retains much original seating and there is a marble surround to recesses for the Ark of the Covenant. A central Star of David with pendant light made of bronze hangs in the centre of the building.

J. Stanley Wright had had a military background, possibly serving in Palestine and he built this, his masterpiece, in the main area of Jewish settlement in Leeds. The building closed in 1985 and the building was bought by the city council, who gave it its new use. Some of the fittings were removed to the new synagogue in Shadwell Lane, Leeds.

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