Tours Synagogue
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Tours Synagogue

This small synagogue in the central French city of Tours was designed by Victor Tondu and funded by the Jewish Moroccan, Daniel Iffla. Concealed by residential apartments, it is an extremely modest and unassuming building, whose exterior belies the strong oriental art nouveau influences on display.

The interior has some quite exquisite decorative work in the form of the wooden cupboards and a painted frieze made to appear as if a mosaic.

The stained glass windows are later, the work of Pierre Fournier Lux in 1949. It is now a listed building.

Daniel Iffla: A Jewish philanthropist and radical, Daniel Iffla was born into a Moroccan family of Jewish origin, making his fortune in Paris he distributed it in the tradition of tzedakah or charity. He was responsible for funding the construction of no less than five synagogues, three of them in Paris and he is buried at Montmartre Cemetery and his tomb features a reproduction of Michelangelo’s Moses.

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