Helena Syrkus
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Helena Syrkus

Syrkus was one half of a prominent Modern Movement architect couple working in inter-war and post-war Poland, mainly in Warsaw. Between 1918 and 1925 Syrkus studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology. She married Szymon Syrkus in 1926 and from 1930 onwards they collaborated on architectural projects including multi-family and single family buildings, as well as theoretical works. They are most notable for their housing schemes which were designed with a combination of urban layout and balanced greenery and the use of innovative technology in concrete construction. their designs were based on the concepts of functional and rational architecture for the masses and inspired by their socilist political beliefs. Both Helena and he husband were prominent in the avant-garde movement and a founder member of the Polish section of CIAM, (Congrès International d'Architecture Moderne).

Notable projects that survive are:

Apartment-block, Ul. Waleczynch, 1930. Designed with exaggerated functionalist imagery, and various housing estates (e.g. Osiedle Rakowiec (1931–1936—with others); Osiedle Koło WSM (1947–1956); Osiedle Praga I (1948–1952).

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