Therese Benedek
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Therese Benedek

Therese Benedek was among the pioneers of psychoanalysis, first in Germany and then in the United States. She developed expertise in psychosomatic medicine, sexual dysfunction, and family dynamics, but she is best known for her work on the psychosexual development of women.

Born on November 8, 1892, in Eger, Hungary, Therese (Friedmann) Benedek was the third of four children of a traditional Jewish family. Her father was Ignatius Friedmann, a merchant, and her mother was Charlotte (Link) Friedmann. While neither her brother nor her two sisters attended university, she graduated from the University of Budapest in 1919 with a doctorate in medicine. After training as a pediatrician in Budapest and Bratislava, she decided to become a psychoanalyst instead.

Key works include - Parenthood. Its Psychology and Psychopathology, with E.J. Anthony (1970); Psychoanalytic Investigations (1973) and Psychosexual Functions in Women (1952).

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