Taute Kleinova
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Taute Kleinova

Gertrude "Traute or Trude" Kleinová was a three-time world champion table tennis player, winning the women's team world championship twice, and the world mixed doubles once. Born in Brno, she played table tennis at the Maccabi Club in the city and later became a member of the Czech national team. In 1935, she brought herself international acclaim by defeating the reigning world champion, M. Ketnerova at the national table tennis championships in Olmutz. This win got her a place in the national squad.

She was part of the squad that won the Women's World Table Tennis Championships in 1935 , where the Czech team beat Hungary 3:1 they won again the following year. Her and her first husband, Jacob Schalinger, who she married in 1939, were sent by the Nazis to Thereisenstadt and eventually on to Auschwitz. She survived the camps but her husband did not and after the war, she married Eric Vogel, her former coach and they moved to America where she lived until her death from cancer in 1975.

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