Bente Kahan

Bente Kahan

Bente Kahan has made her Hassidic identity into her art. Bente Kahan was born in Oslo in 1958 into a traditional Jewish family. Her formal training in dramatic arts began in Tel-Aviv and continued in New York City. Graduating in 1981, she worked on various theatre stages, including the national theatres of Israel and Norway. In 1990 she founded Teater Dybbuk in Oslo, whose aim is to convey Jewish-European culture and history through drama and music. Best known for her versions of Yiddish folk music and plays, she is also the spearhead of a foundation that has saved and reused the White Stork Synagogue in Wroclaw, Poland.

More about the work of the Bente Kahan foundation can be seen here including a detailed history on the synagogue and it’s restoration.

An interesting account of her growing up Jewish in Norway, can be found here.

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