The Green Synagogue
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The Green Synagogue

The synagogue is situated in the historic centre of Rezekne, a city in the Latgalia region of central eastern Latvia. It is the only remaining synagogue in the town and along with what is believed to have been 11 others; it would have served a large Jewish community, approximately 20,000 before 1900.

The synagogue is of a simple square plan and has a shallow four-slope roof. It is of log construction with vertical posts, set on a rough-stone foundation and has a weather-boarded exterior. The fenestration is regular with semi-circular arched ground floor windows and square ‘blind’ windows above. The interior still retains the bimah, ark and benches but it is unclear whether these are original to the building.

The synagogue has not been used since the early 1990s and was last subject to comprehensive repair in 1939. As such, it has deteriorated significantly with its interior walls and ceilings in poor condition. In recent years, emergency work to the roof has been undertaken to halt water ingress. The synagogue is now the focus of a collaborative Latvian-Norwegian conservation project that is due for completion in September 2014. It will then become part of the region’s Cultural Museum and will be available for use as a synagogue.

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