Pakruojis Synagogue
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Pakruojis Synagogue

A Jewish community was established in Pakruojis in the early 18th century. Although the town was burnt down twice in the late 19th century, the synagogue built in 1801 and is the largest and oldest extant wooden synagogue in Lithuania, remained unharmed.

The synagogue is of almost square plan and has undergone renovation and substantial change over time. Most notable amongst these was the conversion of the winter prayer room into a school in the 1920s. Prior to that time, it consisted of a prayer hall, a vestibule, and a staircase providing access to the women’s section and of course, the winter prayer room. The latter was a common feature of the Classical period in which the building was originally constructed.

Unfortunately, the synagogue experienced a devastating fire in 2009. However, The Jewish Community of Lithuania has secured funding from the Lithuanian national budget and the district municipality to undertake conservation work on the building. Additionally, the district municipality have also signed a long term lease on the building which will become an educational and cultural activities venue.

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