Rozalimas (former) Beit Midrash
Wooden Synagogues ~ Wooden Building - Beit Midrash

Rozalimas (former) Beit Midrash

Jews are likely to have arrived in Rozalimas the 19th century.

The north-eastern façade of the building faces the street, and there is a well near the northeastern corner. The building is long and rectangular, and elongated on a northwest-southeast axis. The log walls are reinforced with vertical posts. The exterior clearly shows the interior division of space into a rectangular prayer hall located on the southeast and the women’s section on the northwest. The basic original form is preserved and the original partition is still intact. The prayer hall is lit by two windows in southeastern wall and there are three more windows in each of the southwestern and north-eastern walls. The Torah Ark stood in middle of south-eastern wall and the bimah was situated in centre of the prayer hall. A Rabbi’s house is located on the opposite side of the street.

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