Jewish Heritage Europe
Wednesday 13th February 2019

Update: Comparative photos, the historic Ark from the Synagogue in Siret, Romania, that was dismantled & taken to Israel where it is up for auction, and the “ticky-tacky” replica Ark installed in its place. Alarm raised.

The unauthorized dismantling of the historic Aron ha Kodesh (Ark) from the synagogue in Siret, Romania, and its removal to Israel, where it is to go on auction next week (Feb. 20) appears to have been a huge undertaking as ...
Jewish Heritage Europe
Monday 11th February 2019

Nominations are open for the WMF Watch List

Nominations are open for the 2020 World Monuments Fund Watch  list of endangered heritage sites — a recognized way of drawing attention to projects aimed at saving the sites. The 2020 World Monuments Watch will include 25 sites from around ...

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