The European Days of Jewish Culture is consolidated as one of the major European cultural events

Up to 28 countries participate in the European Days of Jewish Culture (EDJC), organized by the AEPJ and held since 2004 every month of September

The European Days of Jewish Culture (EDJC), the initiative of AEPJ to promote the heritage and Jewish culture in Europe, was held this year in 28 countries and hundreds of cities that have planned all kinds of activities during the 3rd of September (the date chosen) and also in the earlier and later days. The event is consolidated thus as one of the majors European cultural events.

The EDJC is a good opportunity to discover the culture and Jewish heritage since days of open doors are held in many monuments and museums and even many cities offer guided tours. In addition, the EDJC allows you to delve into the topic of study elected each year.

In this case, it is 'Diaspora', in reference to the Jews dispersion around the world at different times in history. On this issue they have tried several scheduled conferences and the 'Diaspora' exhibition held by the National Library of Israel (NLI), which has been seen in several cities. Without a doubt, the collaboration of the NLI has provided a great added value to the event.

The AEPJ is already working to collect all graphic material of the event and be able to edit the corresponding report.

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