A new member in the AEPJ's team.

We are pleased to introduce to you Manu Valentin, a new person in charge of the Communication Area in the AEPJ.

As we said, the AEPJ is establishing the foundations of a more professional structure of its organisation, which will enable us to reach a higher level of feedback and interaction, more visibility to become a European reference in terms of promotion of Jewish heritage, as well as more frequent updating of our website and social networks.

We believe that in the area of promotion, in this case heritage, there is a long way to go through new technologies, social networks and promotional strategies. This is the our challenge.

Manu Valentin as a new Communication Manager in the AEPJ:

Manu Valentin holds a degree on Contemporary History by the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and a Master in Communication also by the UB. His research has focused on the impact of digital technologies on the diversity of cultural promotion. He has headed several projects with the intention of connecting technology, content and users. Since September 2011 he has been part of the Mozaika team, where he has headed up the Communication Area and the Research department. He has been working on several projects on a global scale: Casa Adret, a Jewish Cultural Center in Barcelona, ??and Toldot, a tourism company, Mozaika business branch, both based in Barcelona.

In this years he has been working hand in hand with Víctor Sorenssen, our director, in Mozaika. For nearly five years they have grown together and provided one another with mutual help, so they are used to working together.

Apart from his communication tasks, Manu Valentin's role in AEPJ goes much further: to search
funds for the AEPJ, to work alongside Víctor, to plan strategies, to create content.

Manu Valentin will be at your disposal from now on at communication@jewisheritage.org

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