The AEPJ has new offices in the old Jewish quarter of Barcelona

The AEPJ grows. In this new period of the organization new windows of opportunity open up. One of them is to be able to have an office, open to the public in Barcelona

In the office of the AEPJ will work Manu Valentín and Víctor Sorenssen, the communication manager and director, respectively. The offices are located in Casa Adret, a new project where AEPJ enters as a partner.

Casa Adret stands in what was once the heart of the Jewish Quarter. This significant location, demanded extreme thoughtfulness on the part of the building's designers, who carefully crafted a structure that has become a symbol of the new face of the old Call.

Casa Adret is the new Jewish Cultural Center of Barcelona. It currently functions as a Jewish cultural and educational center with a rich cultural program, including debates, workshops, performances, lectures and much more.

Casa Adret: Sant Domènec del Call, 6. (Barcelona)


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