DECRA- Social inclusion, citizen participation and Faro Convention.

March 20, 21 and 22 in Forli, Italy.

This past week the first working meeting of the European project Erasmus + DECRA (developping cultural routes for all) was held in the Italian city of Forli, headquarters of ATRIUM- European Cultural Route. Representatives of different cultural routes participated in this meeting: Atrium European Cultural Route, Via Regia - Kulturroute of Europerates, TRANSROMANICA - The Romanesque Routes of European Heritage, Danube Competence Center (DCC), AEPJ - European Association for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage, Tiron Order, European Federation of Cluniac Sites, Paths Saint Martin of Tours, Heloise, Generic Association, FFACC, Pays de Vaucluse Route of the Franks and Visigoths, as well as representatives of the University of Avignon and the AEPJ.

A total of 15 EU countries were represented to work together on how to motivate, encourage and inspire civil society to deal with their cultural heritage. Three intense days of analysis of successful projects developed in Forli, the city where Benito Mussolini was raised, a place where half of the buildings were built during the fascist regime. A city where the vast majority of its population is opposed to its patrimonial and cultural heritage. A big challenge. The cultural route ATRIUM, whose theme focuses on the architecture of totalitarian regimes, has done a great educational, patrimonial and cultural work to reflect on the emotional, political and social burden that citizens channel through cultural initiatives.

After being able to examine on the ground different projects related to the themes of social inclusion, citizen participation and the Faro convention, the representatives of the Cultural Routes worked on the analysis of these initiatives in order to define working models and strategies transferable to their different networks.

Victor Sorenssen, director of the AEPJ, as well as Anna Di Castro, of Coopculture, member of the AEPJ, participated in this meeting.

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