Piancenza: A cross road for the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

On Thursday 5th and Friday 6th April a delegation from the AEPJ participated in the work meeting of the European Cultural Routes.


On Thursday 5th and Friday 6th April, in the italian city of Pacienza, a delegation from the AEPJ, formed by Assumpció Hosta and Victor Sorenssen, participated in the work meeting of the European Cultural Routes, that brings together managers of over thirty cultural routes. The event was organised in collaboration with the municipality of Piacenza and the European Association of the Vie Francigene.

Two days of exchanges and comparison of the management of cultural routes which range from Mozart to Vikings, from the Hanseatic to Phoenix courses, from Jewish Heritage to that of Art Nouveau and thermal historic towns, to pilgrimage routes such as the Via Francigena, the Camino de Santiago and of Saint Olav. Once again, international attention has been brought to Piacenza thanks to the Francigena becoming ever more important in the fields of sustainable tourism and appreciation of historical and cultural heritage on a local and international level, as well as European; and the municipalities in particular were at the centre of this project.
The meeting had two clear objectives. On the one hand, establish different proposals for the Institute in relation to the Training Seminar that will take place in Yuste in June. For this, a series of proposals on good practices and debate topics will be sent to be included in the program. The objective in this sense is that the Training will be as useful as possible for the Cultural Routes.
On the other hand, the objective was to create a discussion forum about challenges, problems and models of Cultural Routes. These discussions, organized in small groups, were very interesting to know the way of work and structures of the different Cultural Routes. Different ideas of collaboration between the Routes also arose to be able to work more closely, as well as to be able to influence in different subjects to the Insitute of Cultural Routes.

(Photo Courtesy of Via Regia - Kulturroute des Europarates)

(Photo Courtesy of Via Regia - Kulturroute des Europarates)

And here is the team from Piacenza: Via Regia - Kulturroute des Europarates La Rotta dei Fenici - TRANSROMANICA - The Romanesque Routes of European Heritage DIE HANSE Réseau Art Nouveau Network Route de Stevenson - Le trek de Joël et Serge European Mozart Ways Via Francigena.


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