Statement in support of the Jewish Community of Athens

François Moyse, Chairman of the AEPJ, offers a statement in support of the Jewish Community of Athens.

Luxembourg, May 10, 2018

Dear members of the Jewish Community of Athens,

From the AEPJ, we adhere to the silent protest called next Saturday in Athens, to condemn the vandalism that their Jewish cemetery suffered on May 5.

We are witnessing, once again, another act of desecration of memory and dignity in Europe. In a context of growing extremism, we can not afford to turn our back on this worrisome reality. These acts demonstrate a loss of values and morality.

It is our responsibility to identify the symptoms of an intolerant drift. As European Jews, we have the obligation to denounce and raise our voice in the face of these injustices. This act, not only affects the Greek Jewish community, or the European Jewish community, this act calls upon us all as European citizens.

A cemetery represents a space in which the memory of the people survives. This act seeks to eradicate a memory, eradicate a past. For this reason, this act of vandalism represents the antithesis of all we stand for, that is, to build together, a past, a present and a future, that will bring dignity to all peoples, religions, minorities and nations that coexist in a same living space.

Our thoughts are directed towards our friends of the Jewish community of Athens. You are not alone. With our hearts we will accompany you in the silent protest of this coming Saturday.

Sincerly yours, François Moyse, President AEPJ

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