The first day of the conference at the International Conference "Urban Jewish Heritage: Presence and absence"

The first day of the conference "Urban Jewish Heritage: Presence and absence" ended on Monday with a very complete program. In the photo, the AEPJ delegation at the Reception at the Town Hall of Krakow, with representation from UCEI, Patronat Call de Girona, World Jewish Heritage Fund, Jewish Community of Lithuania, Tarbut Foundation, Rede de Judiarias de Portugal and the Israeli House.

Likewise, we have taken advantage of the Congress to hold thematic meetings on some key issues for the AEPJ. Yesterday, Jack Gottlieb was the first to present his project, on behalf of the World Jewish Heritage Fund, it was a successful. Today is the turn for the Jewish Community of Lithuania, the Rede de Judiarias de Portugal, Israeli House and the Tarbut Foundation. We wish them all good luck!

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