Transnational meeting # 6 of the Erasmus + DECRA Project

Today has started the sixth transnational meeting of the European project DECRA (developing cultural routes for all) in Weissenfels, Germany. On this occasion, the different cultural routes participating in the project will work on strategies related to physical and digital accessibility.

The different members of the AEPJ are engaged in the project participating in the transnational meetings. On this occasion, the Patronat del Call of Girona and Jewish Heritage Lithuania. In the photo Neus Casellas (Patronat Call) and Akvile Naudziuniene (Jewish Heritage Lithuania). In the next three days, they will present accessibility to their Jewish heritage projects and will have the opportunity to work with other Cultural Routes to discuss what are the challenges today regarding accessibility, as well as participating in different study visits in the field. This meeting is co-organized by the French Federation of Cultural Routes, the town hall of Wiessenfels and the CUltrales Routes, Via Regia and Transromanica.

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