Transnational meeting # 6 of the Erasmus + DECRA Project (II)

We are participating in the sixth transnational meeting of the DECRA project (developing cultural routes for all) in Weissenfles, Germany. Today the different representatives of the Cultural Routes have presented the works, the challenges and the perspectives related to the digital and physical accessibility of their Routes.

In this context, the AEPJ has presented the development of this field with two of its member institutions, the Patronat del Call of Girona and Jewish Heritage Lithuania.

In the photos, we can see Neus Casellas and Akvile Naudziuniene in action. Neus has presented how from the Patronat del Call they are facing the challenges of accessibility in a city marked by its medieval past, as well as the opportunities and the different services they have developed to allow digital accessibility in their visits to their museum. Akvile has presented the fantastic app developed by Jewish Heritage Lithuania, called Discover Jewish Lithuania. A very functional tool to explore the rich Jewish legacy in eight cities in Lithuania, through the integration of a large amount of resources in the app.

From the AEPJ, we want to thank the organization of this meeting to the city of Weissenfels, the French Federation of Cultural Routes and the Cultural Routes, Via Regia and Transromanica. This morning we had the pleasure of having breakfast reading an article published by the press of the city about this transnational meeting!

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