Transnational meeting # 6 of the Erasmus + DECRA Project (III)

Yesterday, the european project "Parallel Traces: A new lens on Jewish Heritage" officially kicked off in Brussels.

This project, co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union, opens a new window on the interpretation of Jewish heritage in Europe through audiovisual art. The AEPJ coordinates the project together with CUMEDIAE (Brussels). The implementation of the actions will be developed through the following institutions: Tacka komunikacije (Belgrade), Israeli House (Georgia), Bente Kahan Foundation (Wroclaw), Patronat Call de Girona and Tarbut (Sighet). In the next two years they will hold a pan-European competition for artists who create digital works on the Jewish heritage of these cities. And also, they will create traveling exhibitions and a mobile App to discover the Jewish heritage from a very interesting an alternative perspective, thanks to the contribution of the technological partner, IMASCONO (Zaragoza).

The first meeting of all the partners held yesterday was the first step of a great adventure, the room was full of enthusiasm. The participants were working on the bases of the project and on the first actions that will be carried out, the Parallel Traces website and the app. Parallel Traces social networks are ready and we invite you to join them to follow the project! We will continue to report all the news of this new focus on Jewish Heritage!

Facebook: @ParallelTraces

Twitter: @PTraces

Instagram: @parallel_traces

Hashtags: #ParallelTraces #JewishFootprints #SharingHeritage #EuropeforCulture

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