The AEPJ Incubator Project Training (21th & 22th November 2018, Barcelona)

This past November 21 and 22, the first training for managers of Routes of Jewish Heritage in Europe was held in Barcelona.

This training is part of the project to relaunch the Jewish Heritage Route of the Council of Europe, known as the AEPJ Incubator Project.

The program was divided into two parts. On the first day there were different master classes held by experts in the field of heritage, cultural tourism and education. The second, on the other hand, was dedicated to work in small groups and to indiviudal mentoring for the attendees, who brought with them a total of 15 Jewish heritage projects from 12 European countries.

The aim was to offer a space for training, reflection and mentoring for those institutions working in the Jewish heritage, interested in participating in the Routes of Jewish Heritage of the Council of Europe. This European program opens a new window to discover Jewish heritage through the establishment of a quality brand, where the development of key aspects in approach to heritage work is promoted, such as economic sustainability, the development of cultural tourism services, citizen participation or academic research.

The result was highly positive and we believe that an important step has been taken in the relaunching of this European project. This training is the first action of the AEPJ Incubator Project. The next step is the call for new Routes.

This call is open until December 17. In addition to the participants in the training, the call is open to those institutions and associations that believe they can achieve an upgrade of their projects by adding to this framework. The projects that are approved by the scientific committee of the AEPJ will form a network of Routes, which together will be the European Route of Jewish Heritage. These routes will be monitored for three years to ensure their development and to explore ways of collaboration between them.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the AEPJ:

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