Reception in the Parliament of Georgia

In the framework of the program of the General Assembly of the AEPJ, held in Tbilisi, a reception was held on 29 March in the Parliament of Georgia.

The reception was opened by Tamar Chugoshvili, the First Deputy Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia. They also intervened Hilik Bar (Member of Knesset for the Israel Labor Party), Cristian Urse (Head Office of the Council of Europe in Georgia), Itsik Moshe (Israeli House President) and François Moyse (AEPJ President).

The speeches highlighted the important role played by the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe as channels for the promotion of multicultural dialogue, memory and understanding among peoples. Likewise, the work in the promotion of the Jewish heritage through the European Routes of Jewish Heritage led by the AEPJ. It was an honor for the Consortium to have been received so warmly by the Georgian institutions.

This was the act that closed the three-day program in Tbilisi that included the European meeting of coordinators of the European Day of Jewish Culture and the General Assembly of the AEPJ.

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