Last step in the renovation of the Council of Europe certification!

This morning, the General Secretary of the AEPJ, Assumpció Hosta, and the AEPJ Director, Victor Sorenssen, have presented in Luxembourg, at the Neumünster Abbey, the European Route of Jewish Heritage of the Council of Europe, within the framework of the process of evaluation of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

In front of the European Institute of Cultural Routes and the representatives of the 32 States of the Council of Europe signatories of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on these Routes, Assumpció Hosta and Victor Sorenssen have presented how the Consortium of the AEPJ supports, in its organization and its actions, the values of the Council of Europe: human rights, democracy, cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and the promotion of a European cultural identity.

This presentation was the last stage of the renewal process of the certification of the Jewish Heritage Route as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. In September the AEPJ presented a dossier with all the information on the development process of the European Route of Jewish Heritage. In November 2018, Paola Barrione, of the Fondazione Santagata per l'Economia della Cultura, an independent expert appointed by the European Institute of Cultural Routes, visited the AEPJ office in Barcelona, as part of the first training of the AEPJ Incubator Project. In the month of February, Paola Barrione, after analyzing the report and interviewing different members of the AEPJ, made a complete report with assessments and recommendations about our Route for the Enlarged Partial Agreement. Today, Assumpció and Victor have taken the last step, defending the renovation.

The verdict will be announced during the month of April. Fingers crossed!

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