AEPJ delegation visits Villa Torlonia

During a visit in Italy , on June 14, 2019, AEPJ President Fran├žois Moyse led a delegation visiting the normally closed Jewish catacombs.

Organized by AEPJ board member Annie Sacerdoti, the group including Mr. Nicolo Buccaria, Mrs. Andreina Draghi, Mrs. Sira Fatucci and Mr. Nathan Moyse, was shown the Jewish tombs by Dra. Daniela Rossi, archeologist for the Ministry of Cultural goods.

The tombs are dating from the 3rd and 4th centuries C.E. The catacombs are being currently arranged so as to make public visits possible and safe.

The group discovered richly decorated tombs which are to be considered as national Italian and European treasures of Jewish heritage. They are located under the well-known Villa Torlonia.

It is to be hoped that the opening to the public can be assured as soon as possible , so as to offer visits to a sight that is fascinating to discover.

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