EDJC 20th anniversary celebration in France

The JECPJ FRANCE, has celebrated 20 years of its participation in the European Day of Jewish Culture, in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, with a full day of events that has brought together numerous personalities from the political, cultural and religious world, not only from the region of Auvergne, Alsace, Lorraine, Paris, Metz, but also an extensive European representation headed by the Luxembourg presidency of the AEPJ, with Mr. François Moyse.

The events have shown that over the past 20 years, a great effort to make visible and revalue Jewish heritage has been developing continuously among citizens. The valuable recovery of tangible and intangible heritage gradually rescued from a long-standing forgetfulness, is the result of a firm and collaborative work between Jewish communities, national, regional and local administrations with the invaluable help of a team of enthusiastic volunteers.

From the AEPJ, we want to congratulate JECPJ France, its president Mr. Thierry Koch, especially to all the people who have made possible the success of the presentation of these European Days of Jewish Culture in France. We also want to extend this congratulation to entities, organizations, administrations, communities, volunteers and volunteers who throughout Europe, in more than 400 cities will accompany us from today on this journey of recovery of a collective memory, fundamental basis for a Europe that has to Continue to strive to live with our own diversity with respect.

From the AEPJ, we invite you to participate in all those activities, events and celebrations that will take place from yesterday and that you will find in detail at https://www.jewisheritage.org/web/edjc/2019

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